A Relaunch of 321 the Agency

A Relaunch of 321 the Agency

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July 14, 2020

Breaking out of the stale, ambiguous agency model: A relaunch of 321 the Agency.

The Mad Men agency days were built on strong creative and a four-bit formula of print, TV, radio and whiskey. By 2020, the ingredients would change to display, paid social, video, and then some. But the directions were barely touched — start with a guesstimation of the consumer persona, develop creative, and execute paid media based on hypotheticals. The consumer is drastically changing. Marketing is changing. It’s time we did, too.

“We were ready for the next stage of 321 the Agency, which goes beyond stellar creative. It’s building stronger brands and smarter business decisions, with data and technology under the hood, so we can influence audiences and drive growth for our partners.”


We’ve evolved our service offering. 

We were time-pressed to optimize our model for our current and future clients. “As an award-winning agency, we know in order to have successful advertising, you have to break away from the subjectivity. Data-backed research and precision-based technology allow us to do that, while keeping the consumer in our vantage point. Always.” – Carey Sobel, Partner & Chief Strategy Officer, 321.

To deliver better business results for our clients, we’ve developed a more systematic and surgical approach to defining and communicating to our audiences.

This approach is rooted in our geo-framing and IP & Mobile Device ID Targeting technology, powering our new suite of adtech solutions:

  • IP & Mobile Device ID Targeting – Hyper-targeted marketing starts with capturing mail data to identify the IP addresses and mobile device IDs of residential consumers
  • Matchback Analysis – From our IP & Mobile Device ID Targeting technology, we can identify direct sales and ROI correlating to our ad tech-driven marketing. Start knowing if your marketing is actually driving sales.
  • R&D Dashboard – A dashboard built on user insights, which outlines an empirical analysis of the consumer persona. We then apply these analytics to build smarter creative.
  • Captive Audience – Geo-framing based on mail data allows us to market to the devices within a specified commercial building for B2B marketing purposes
  • Digital Canvassing – Removes the door-to-door marketing needs for service providers, taking offline marketing online
  • Venue Replay – Captures consumers’ device IDs and enables marketing at high-traffic locations, such as sporting events, concerts, voter polls, etc.
  • Digital New Movers – Identify and integrate into the new mover’s home transition from sale to move-in, allowing brand-building in a critical new life stage
  • Reverse Append – Target online conversion drop-offs with offline marketing via custom-printed direct mail within 48 hours

Through this new model, our creatives, strategists, business intelligence leads, and media engagement specialists are aligning marketing efforts to real-time consumer attributes and action — measuring direct conversions along the way. 


As we work smarter to build our clients’ business results, we’ve rebuilt our website to prove it. Explore our new site and services to see how this relaunch came to life (made possible by the consumer-first innovations of our web development and technology teams).

The future of 321: Data-fueled, creatively-centered, technology-focused.

Our wins go beyond kick-ass creative, supported by ambiguous results. They’re strategically built, data-backed victories made possible by our team of solutionists and new adtech platforms.

So, follow along as we move into the future of 321. We’ll be publishing more industry-specific content, unveiling work, and lending a lens to some behind-the-scenes action.

We are digitally-driven creative disruptors, consistently building impactful and valuable one-to-one moments. Through hyper-targeted advertising technology and compelling creative, we connect brands to human consumers – impacting business growth and influencing audiences. 

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